Woodgraining and Wood Finishes

Applying Woodgraining and Wood Finishes

Simulating Real Wood

Applying woodgrain finishes on given materials to simulate the grain of a certain type of wood is known as woodgraining. Plastic, ceramic, or even real wood may have faux woodgrain finishes applied to the surface. For example, a ceramic slab can be made to appear as oak grain or a piece of pine made to appear as mahogany grain using woodgrain style finishes.

Touches of TOI artisans are skilled at woodgraining and other faux finishes. Our customers are always more than happy with the results from our craftsmanship. Don't throw away your beloved antique hutch or dresser. Our years of experience in woodgraining and restoration and preservation in Chicago and the Chicagoland area assure an authentic appearance and near original condition.

Woodgraining Applications

Just about any type of woodgrain can be assimilated in woodgraining. Woodgraining can also be beneficial in restoring worn or damaged finishes. A damaged door can be repaired and restored to near-original appearance by copying the existing woodgrain patterns. Worn furniture can be made to look new again with a new finish. A new piece of molding or other finishing piece can be made to match existing pieces. A new door can be modified to match the grain of existing trim and moldings.

In woodgraining, the study of real wood helps to match the color and grain to create the illusion of real wood. Woodgrain finishes are created by painting with artist brushes and softening the woodgrain patterns with glazes. A popular medium for woodgraining is beer stain graining using dry pigments for color and shellacs as sealers before adding final finishes of varnish.

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