Faux Marble

Beautiful Faux Marble and Faux Marble Columns

Marbleizing Walls and Columns

Faux Marble is made by a process known as marbleizing. It is the art of transforming a piece of wood or other material into marble. It's not really marble but don't tell anyone. It looks so real, it's hard to tell it's not real. Faux marble finish or faux marbre, as it is called in Europe, has been manufactured by artisans of all eras since the glory days of Pompeii. It is the study of real marble that inspires the faux art master to simulate mother nature at her best. Marbleizing is also known as marbling.

Faux marble columns, in combination with walls, furniture, and other marble pieces can enhance the decor of any room in a way like no other. Elegant, exotic, and pleasing to the eye, faux marble is very desirable. As authentic marble is found in many different grains and colors, any of which can be duplicated to produce an amazing looking finish that rivals the original. Every faux marble finish produced by Touches of TOI INC.. is truly a genuine faux masterpiece in it's own right.

Advantages of Installing Faux Marble Colums

picture of faux marble columnThere are advantages of using a faux marble finish over the real thing. One obvious consideration is the cost. The cost of producing authentic columns makes it unavailable to most folks. Faux marble is well within the reach of just about everyone. Another advantage is the ease of installation because of the weight. A faux marble piece can also be refinished for a new look.

There are many possibilities using marbling techniques for your faux finishes. Faux marble walls in combination with columns can give your home, office, or place of business a touch of classic elegance that will impress everyone. As with any Touches of TOI INC.. faux marble finish, the materials used to produce these wonderful works are safe and environmentally friendly. TOI has produced faux marble and other faux finish work in Chicago for many years. Our experience and craftsmanship guarantees your satisfaction.

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