Goldleaf and Gilding Finishes

Classic Goldleaf Finish: Gilding Gold Leaf Finishes

The Classic Look of Goldleaf

Goldleaf, also known as Gold Leaf or Gilding is the finishing process of adding precious goldleaf or other nonprecious metal such as brass or bronze to the finish of a simple picture frame or elaborate ornamentation by applying a size or glue as it is called. There are two kinds of gilding finish, matt or water. Each has its merits and uses in the art. Historically, the art of goldleaf finishing was used on many buildings in the past that today are being restored or preserved.

Due to of the cost of finishing material, there are alternate methods of achieving the look of goldleaf without the expense. Gold metallic paints and ground mica are just a few choices of finishing for the lay person. In restoration, we try to restore the artisan's original look as to ground coats and overglazes.

 Goldleaf Dome 23 Carat Goldleaf Spire Goldleaf Decoration

Lasting Beauty

The gilding finishing process has been used for centuries and has evolved into one of the finer crafts of architectural design. The lasting beauty of goldleaf is well worth the effort of restoring an old piece or adding a gilded finish to a new piece. TOI are master craftsmen and take great pride in every project. We can add a gold leaf finish to a simple piece such as a picture frame or even a church belltower.

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