Historic Restoration, Conservation and Preservation

Touches of TOI INC.. Historic Restoration and Decorative Artistic Finishes

Historic Restoration

Touches Of TOI Inc. based in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, is a registered Illinois contractor whose primary concern is historic restoration. We restore historic homes, houses of worship and theatres. We have been concentrated in restoration for 30+ years, are extremely dedicated, and proud of our work. Our master craftsmen are proficient and knowledgeable in many aspects of historic restoration.

Madison West School Restoration Project   Artistic Mural on Wall   Historic Goldleaf Trimming

Artistic Decorative Finishes, Acoustic & Historic Wall Coverings

Decorative artistic finishes, acoustic and historic wall coverings, and ornamental plaster are areas of special interest for Touches Of TOI Inc.. Artistic finishes and wall coverings provide a myriad of possibilities for original artistic decorating. Wall murals, faux finishes, goldleaf finishes, woodgraining, and faux marble are highlights. Browse the site for a glimpse of artistic finishes and restoration projects.

Serving Chicago and Chicagoland Suburbs

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